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The decision to seek counseling is the first step in a journey towards wellness.  I do not see clients as damaged or flawed, and do not define unwanted experiences as “symptoms” or “problems".  Each challenge is viewed as an opportunity for growth and change.  If we are never uncomfortable, there would never be a need for change. And if we never change, we would never grow as a person.  In discomfort there is purpose and potential.  Sometimes life requires us to learn to be "comfortable" with being "uncomfortable" to allow this metamorphosis to happen.  


The purpose of counseling, in my approach, is to define the function and context of behavior in order to determine its “workability” in your life.  In other words: "how is what you are currently doing working for you?".  In order to do this, we will not focus on negatives and the past.  The past certainly influences a person and gives context to behavior.  However, it does not define a person or point the direction to go.  Together, we will explore personal values in order to create an "action plan" to guide a balanced, rich, meaningful and purpose-driven life.  Additionally, each client's individual character strengths will be identified and built upon so you won't just survive, but thrive!  

Thrive Therapy counseling services include:  Individual (adult or adolescent) and family therapy, couples and pre-marital counseling, addictions/substance abuse evaluations and counseling, court-ordered sessions, and therapeutic visitation. 

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